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My epic story began when I was 9 and I overheard my mother tell my grandmother: "Don't tell Martha." Don't tell me what? They just discovered that I had a birth defect -- I won't have many of my adult teeth. That marked the start of several decades of shame, pain, worry, embarrassment and ultimately isolation -- all of which compounded each other as the years went by. My mouth was my enemy, letting me down at the worst moments. When I was 18 I met a Spanish prince at a party in Madrid, and couldn't smile at him because the front tooth in my "flipper" had just broken that afternoon. By the time I was in my mid-40s my mouth was a disaster area. I was trapped behind my face, with no smile at all -- hoping that I could convey warmth and merriment with my eyes. And then I met Dr. Christian and his fabulous, kind, lovely team! For the first time I felt safe and unjudged as we went together step by step in the direction of my wonderful new smile. He told me my life would change once we finished up the project. He was wrong. My life changed the moment they stepped into my life. Every time I open my mouth to smile bright and wide, I'm letting the world into my heart.

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